Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Seeing shadows of  reflections, walking in winter through mist and darkness, black and whiteness, like a corridor of sleep and whilst we slept The Sea Queen of Connaught sailed into the bay and stole away the warm tears of our dreaming daughters and their lovers.
they saw the granite  brutal cliffs of Scilly, the bay of Hell, change to gentle sandy coves.
Feeling the clouds, protecting faces from wind blown sand
On Samson Island, gardens of seaweed, an imaginary hand in your hand.
We watched the grey sky turn to blue, ancient graves, from ancient days
Ruined empty cottages, echo childrens laughter like waterfalls.
I felt the miles rushing by, and I saw the look of dread a diamond in your eye.
I saw the sea turn green and shadows unfold and sang a roaring ocean..
I drowned down down down into the dark shadow depths as you swam up.
wooden teeth, wooden smile.

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