Saturday, 15 January 2011

I ran out into the dark, the dank darkness, and throw myself headlong like leathery wings heavy with the blood of fallen trees, and built a tower with  drunken memories of cold nights sitting on the stony shore as salt rain ran through my dreams and icicles jabbed at my conscience,and pixies tiny teeth bit my ice cold flesh.
 you went away when I was not looking and left no trail or clues to follow, I missed you at first like ale and warm evenings with my Swedish dancer,more then flesh and bone more house than home.
 Angry and  sad, I set out on a journey to find you in the north the empty barren north, I'm told, every time I slept I woke, at the beginning at home alone but warm, which made it more difficult to set out again trying not to sleep, the mornings where the best, lots of ground covered and blond haired children followed, dancing and telling stories of their grandma's, I carried a picture of you,of us both, from a photo from a photo booth.
 I ran out into the dark and throw myself into the emptiness and woke up in my head.
  and so I start off again on my journey to find you and me and our lifetime together which has been and gone.

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