Thursday, 3 December 2009

Well I was walking to work today across the golden sand, the wind was cold from the east, "a poisonous wind" my grandmother would say, and blowing hard,enough to whip up some of the ocean spray in a mist that covered my face and crusted, lick my lips and taste the salty brine, I tried to get further inside my hood but secretly liked that tiny sting, so as to remind us of our fragility and the elements and pain that's what keeps the brain ticking , well that walk of mine, today was another filled with sad memories and looking down to tiny worlds below when suddenly into my field of view leaped this flower erupting like flowers do in the desert after rain, the blue flower came, to help me on my way, and now I'm wondering who sent it,then a smile and now I know, and smile again which is what you sent it for. thank you.

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