Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I was feeling ropey until I stepped onto the beach, some sea and some sand seeped into my sandals and my ropeyness left me and happyfulness was in reach, and I took it and walked the shore, soft and warm and little sand hoppers and slow old winkles and limpets settled and sea birds SHOUTED and invisible creatures just watched me pass unhindered and all was good, I passed some stranded jellyfish and lots of bladderwrack and a boat on its moorings and treasure scattered all over, I turned to go up to my studio but the sun burned hot and warm on my face so I just kept walking on and on and pretended that I couldn't see the invisible creatures so they wouldn't worry and I went on and on across the lovely white sand, but now I'm home and feeling a bit sad thinking of my dear old dad, he's still alive but only in my head.
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  1. Great post. You have a very poetic writing style.

    -- Dan
    Outer Banks Revealed