Monday, 16 March 2009

Posted by PicasaI looked up through the murky brine to the surface above, shards of light, ripple and flight, a nice sound like music from India, a seadog told me 100yrs ago, there was a city out there, a beautiful city and a huge wave which came and drowned, the landscape,it all disappeared beneath the waves and now fishermen sometimes hear the sounds of the church bells ringing beneath the surface and sometimes bring up pieces of glass from windows in their trawls, pieces of life and of death, that white horse that galloped away out west and my mother cried, I want to love her but I just see you, down beneath the waves walking along the pavement, covered in seaweed, I throw a gold ring over and into the sea, I watched it zig zag down into the depths, the ring is for you, its from me, I found the green glass, you sent back, a bottle of wine once shared in the beautiful city? before the wave came, whoosh! the birds got away and the fish'll be ok, but I don't know if the white horse made it to safety....i think so.

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