Monday, 16 March 2009

Posted by PicasaI'm on the edge of a volcano where it meets with the sea, picking up beach finds and reading Kerouac, you andme, loads of rock pools and filled with life, like me and you, filled with life, you can borrow my eyes and everything, between the sea and the sand theres a thin light band, its a place you know well, your smiling to yourself as memories sweep over you, the thin light band, time, a place forgot and through your toes hear echos of ghosts, laughing,crying, of youth,truth and little blue plastic crabs that come ashore to breed, mind you don't run over those crabs, they may be you or your dad, even bicycles are dangerous and the brakes, brakes, get off my blue crabs, I was walking up the steep beach, its difficult in the soft sand, give us your hand, its not really blue, but woad, a Scottish crab seeking revenge for the bicycles with no brakes and breeding above the light band, no sea, no sea, no fucking sea, out of breath and looking for Dad, the worst dream I ever had, that ford popular chugging along and beep! beep! hello ! you lovely blue crab.

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